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Worst day ever

I know we've had a somewhat similar question before, but in light of yesterday's hell...

Would you rather lose your computer or your phone*?

*Phone defined as anything that makes a call, iPhone and Crackberry included

This ain't the Swervy Derby...

Would you rather be the driver on a long road trip or the passenger?

Speaking of, I am going to be out of town this weekend and don't know how much access I will have to the internets. So, unless one of y'all wants to post a WYR, there may be a slight hiatus!

I am woman; I wear stupid shoes.

Would you rather have phenomenally beautiful footwear that is moderately uncomfortable or something comfortable but totally dowdy?

It's 'Pick Your Natrual Defenses' Day!

In terms of deterring predators, would you rather be camouflaged or be brightly colored but extremely poisonous?

It's 'Bad Habit' Day

Would you rather crack your knuckles compulsively or bite your nails?

Sorry, but it was my birthday!

Since I skipped the online shenanigans yesterday for my birthday, here's a daily double.

Would you rather always be the one to cook or always be the one to clean up after?

Yummy in my tummy.

Would you rather eat a roasted rodent of some kind or a chocolate covered bug?
Would you rather do a boatload of math homework or write a long paper?

You get what you pay for...

Would you rather have carte blanche to explore the globe as long as you submit yourself to the whim of a producer who may cause you physical -- but not fatal -- pain, or have to pay your way through your travels?

All a matter of time...

Would you rather have a 4-day work week of 10-hour days or a 5-day work week of standard 8-hour days?


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